FEIJIAN Udendørs Sport vandflaske dobbeltvægget Vakuum Rustfrit Stål Termokande Classic Army Grøn Mode Krus

kr26.23 kr52.46

  • Termokande Materiale: Rustfrit Stål
  • Produktion: Termoflasker
  • Materiale: Rustfrit Stål
  • Model-Nummer: FS04505A/FS06005A
  • Certificering: SGS
  • Flaske Type: vakuum
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Glas Liner Materiale: Rustfrit Stål
  • Mærke: FEIJIAN
  • Drinkware Type: Termoflasker & Thermoses
  • Isolering type: Hold koldt og varmt
  • Metal Type: Rustfrit Stål
  • Termisk Isolering Performance: 12-24 timer
  • Funktion: Bærbare

Tags: thermo flas, elegant rustfrit stål termokande, løs te infusionsenheden flaske, mijia thermo flaske, kawaii flaske vand, klar dyr flaske vand, coffee cup, masse rustfrit stål krus, powace, raagi vand flasker.

Delivery is fast, even Ng is not a hindrance. The quality is good temperature keeps
Huseyn 89
Good, comfortable lid. It is packed in a large, confused box from the thermos, in which it hung, even in a bag is not wrapped. For the first time, I meet such incomprehensible packaging.

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